The Sweet Story

Artisan Baked Goods

Since 1999, we’ve been scratch baking gourmet treats in our Midwestern bakehouse. Our staff of dedicated and talented bakers use simple ingredients like real butter, heavy whipping cream, fresh roasted nuts and select chocolates to create yummy treats.

Simple ingredients, simple processing and small batches give our baked goods a home-made taste. Simply delicious! And yes, plenty of our recipes started in the kitchens of my grandmothers, both of whom were amazing bakers!


We invite you to try our products. Our selection currently includes soft and chewy jumbo cookies, deeply fudgey brownies, moist, dense pound cake, streusel-topped coffee cake, flavorful sweet breads, buttery crisp shortbread and delightful scones.

Our products are available in many fine cafes, restaurants and specialty grocers in the Chicago area and around the Midwest. To enjoy restaurant quality at home, our products can be purchased here on our website. Whether at your favorite coffeehouse or restaurant or while relaxing at home, we hope you enjoy eating and giving our treats as much as we enjoy making them!

Jean KrollAnd Then There’s Me

I bake cookies. I bake brownies too. And I bake lots and lots of other luscious, delicious, indulgent treats. I live and work in Evanston, Illinois where I have a great bakery and work with fun, smart, really kind people. I have a great job – I bake cookies! I learned to bake from my grandmothers. My economics degree made me a good cookie counter. I’m a pretty good businessperson too . . .

And did I mention, I bake cookies.

Go Ahead, Treat Yourself! - Jean